Why screen private real estate investments and deal with sponsors and the paperwork (subscription agreement, operating agreements, etc.) required to invest passively in real estate when you simply buy the shares of a publicly traded real estate investment trust? Here are a few reasons to invest in direct real estate instead (or in addition to) shares of a real estate investment trust. Private Real Estate Offers Superior Tax Advantages REITs pay out 90% of their taxable income in the form of
According to industry experts, an average vacation home can garner an owner an extra $30,000 of income per year. "Renting out your vacation home can open up a significant stream of revenue," says Mary Lynn Clark, president of Wyndham Vacation Rentals North America. "Understanding the business side, and all it entails, however, is a critical part of increasing your home's value without adding hassle." Before listing your home for rent, it's important to decide whether you will handle the de
A corporates' organization design has been evolving with the faster pace of technology, a greater level of workforce agility, and the changing nature of job roles, all of which are impacting the way in which we interact with the physical workplace. The need to influence property decisions comes from various parts of a business and ultimately the decision makers are changing to include: CTO, CIO, CEO and HR. The Real Estate Predictions series and this content was developed by Deloitte in the Neth
Becoming an energetic and persistent problem solver is crucial to real estate investing success. There's the previously hidden plumbing issue that needs fixing now because the drywall guys are on site. Or the listed property with fewer-than-expected showings because some of the pre-rehab photos are still popping up online. Problem solving is a constant challenge. I've found there are often several solutions to any real estate investing problem. Most of the time, the best solution is not the m
Finding a suitable place to live is often difficult for families with financial challenges. Many low-income families pay half their monthly income in rent and still find themselves living in sub-par, and even unsafe, conditions. Ever since the Great Depression, there have been housing assistance programs in the United States. One of the most popular is a federal program, known as "Section 8," that's managed by local Public Housing Authorities. And Section 8 may also provide investors who want
Wish you could tap your home equity but don't want to take on more debt? You may soon have another option. Home equity investment startup Hometap has created a product that invests in properties alongside homeowners, announcing today its launch in Massachusetts with plans for near-term growth. Seizing on the idea that a growing number of house-rich, cash-poor homeowners will want access to their equity, Hometap provides access to as much as 20% of their home's value in cash for a 10-year t
However, in every single crowdfunding platform review we write, we give the same piece of crucial advice: Do your own due diligence before investing. This advice applies to investing in anything. And it's perhaps even more important when applied to real estate crowdfunding. That's because the whole industry is new and untested. So how exactly do you do this due diligence? What are the most important factors to evaluate? Before You Begin First things first. Before you start evaluating s
Social, economic, ecological, political, and technological disruptions will change the way we work, live and shop. These developments will have a significant impact on today's established market players in the Commercial real estate sector and their share of the value chain. Who will be earning money and who will become obsolete in our future real estate world? The Real Estate Predictions series and this content was developed by Deloitte in the Netherlands. What will the real estate markets l
The type of delay that a construction project experiences may shift the liability from one party to another such as when the owner causes the delay, he or she may become responsible for damages to the contractor. In contrast, the contractor may cause the delay and then owe damages to the owner based on the circumstances. Some delays in a contracted project could lead to litigation. These depend on the types, the circumstances and which party, if any, is responsible. If the owner is the person
Real estate brokers assist their clients through real estate transactions and activities dealing with the real property inside of a specific or multiple states. Even though they are bound by a code of ethics and must comply with the standards of conduct for professionals, sometimes they commit fraudulent activities that could lead to severe penalties. Real estate deals and interactions are the line of work that a broker engages in when at work. He or she handles clients, communicates with law
For many of us, our home is the single biggest investment we'll ever make. And just as we track the value of our other investments, it's wise to assess the value of our main property (as well as any secondary properties we might own) from time to time. Of course, the value of any home fluctuates based on market conditions and other factors. So the question is: How do you determine the current market value of your home? First, you need to understand that the value of your home is not based on
The newly released U.S. home ownership rate rose in 2017 for the first time in 13 years - it now stands at 64.2 percent - driven mainly by a shift towards owning over renting by the under-age 35 crowd who'd been wary of committing for both financial and personal reasons. "This is happening because young households are buying homes. Full stop," Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist at home listings provider Trulia, told the Wall Street Journal. They're not the only purchasers, of course. Which
Do you ever feel like being a top producer boils down to whoever spends the most time and money on marketing? If you're like most Realtors, you're stuck in the hamster wheel of busy. And the only thing going faster than the wheel is the money flying out of your wallet. But you can't be competitive unless you're tossing more resources at your marketing, right? Nope. The best way to get off the hamster wheel is to identify your ideal client and focus your time and energy on attracting
I firmly believe we are all budding entrepreneurs. We want to control our destiny, work for ourselves and feel good about making a difference in the world. Real estate investing is an excellent way to stretch one's entrepreneurial muscles. I became a real estate investor only after retiring from the corporate world in 2012. I worked in publishing for 25 years and had no background in real estate. I started real estate with the idea of diversifying my retirement portfolio; however, six houses
And when it comes to buying or selling a house, it turns out some of the very best -- ones that can translate into big bucks -- are those maybe only someone with Brian Williams' imagination would think of. Want to know why, for example, Starbucks may be the greatest predictor of home-value appreciation? Read on. *March is the most profitable month. For sellers, that is. According to Spencer Rascoff, CEO of, who mined his site's database of millions of homes in co-authoring the n
We've all heard the old saying "It takes money to make money." And this is definitely true in real estate investing. Investing in real estate requires having access to a sizable amount of capital. Whether you're building a portfolio of rentals or fixing and flipping for short-term profits, the biggest hurdle to doing deals is often funding. In addition to the initial cash outlay required to purchase the property, you need cash for other expenses. For fix-and-flips, you'll have to pay for m
The real estate community is increasingly aware of the significant potential that blockchain holds for its industry. Numerous successful trials and several Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's) have been announced and the surge in new applications, working examples of the technology and new business models has only just begun. The Real Estate Predictions series and this content was developed by Deloitte in the Netherlands. A call for realism in blockchain expectations Although the property market i
Many individuals seek to purchase or take advantage of real estate selling at auctions with the possibility of higher prices or a faster selling experience. However, it is essential to avoid various pitfalls and problems that may occur and to do so, the seller or buyer should understand the process and everything it entails. Auction sales are common, and many buyers seek the quick efficiency of purchasing a parcel of land, holdings or buildings with the auction process. Sellers are often incl
There are different types of damages available for construction projects or jobs with contractors and an owner based on the delay itself and who is responsible for the prolonged construction. Knowing what damages are possible in these situations may help the aggrieved party seek what he or she feels is necessary compensation. Damages for delays with a contractor could lead an owner to seek the compensation through the courts or a settlement with legal assistance between the owner and contract
When a company or individual needs a contractor for a project, it is essential to know how to deal with any problems and disputes that may arise in the course of the business arrangement. These key tips may ensure a better chance of success or help the business or person prevent disastrous issues from leading to litigation. Disputes between the owner and the contractor involved in a construction project often increase delays, half construction entirely or lead to added costs for the owner or
Let's see, you've researched which states tax Social Security income (only 14, including Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, North Dakota and Vermont). And you've even consulted the numbers-crunchers at to learn which states scored highest overall in everything from cost of living to access to health care (South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota and Wyoming). But here's a question for all you homeowners: Given the results of a new report from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
Americans still believe homeownership is the best investment a person can make, according to the first Chase U.S. Housing Confidence Survey. Chase Home Lending partnered with Pulsenomics to launch the Chase Housing Confidence Index, designed to gauge how Americans feel about the housing market. The newly expanded HCI uses survey data from more than 15,500 American households to systematically measure and track key dimensions of consumer confidence in housing markets across the nation. The
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